How to show that someone special you care this Mother's Day


We are not too far away now from Mother's Day - 19th March 

While the shops will be filled with an array of cards, flowers and gift options - it is not always easy to find that perfect gift for someone special on Mother's Day. 

Take some time to think about the person you want to honour this Mother's Day, before you make your final choice, and then read on to see 150's recommendations XX

150 Home Style's 4 reasons why the scented candle is the perfect Mother's Day Gift

1. Relaxation: Scented candles are a relaxing treat, whether you are a very busy young Mom of smallies, or a busy Mom juggling all the activities of teenagers. Mother's Day is the perfect day to unwind, run a bath, choose a podcast and settle into the bubbles, surrounded by a stunning scent. 150 have curated our brand new scent especially for Mother's Day - Vanilla - Bergamot - Rose and Lily 

2. Long Lasting: Scented candles last longer than flowers or chocolate and we are thrilled to say that our 150 hand poured soy wax candles have a quality burn time of 40 Hrs!! 

3. Family Affair - the whole family will be able to enjoy them. The far reaching scent of a 150 candle will add an ambience to your home that all the whole family can appreciate.  

4. Mother Earth: All 150 candles are made from 100% soy wax. Along with this, where it is possible, we ensure that all our packaging is biodegradable/compostable/recyclable. Therefore you know you are doing your best to look after Mother Earth this Mother's Day.

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